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Are you concerned about Colon Cancer, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Spastic Colon, Crohns Disease, Twisted Colon, Barretts Esophagus, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Whipples Disease, and other digestive system diseases?

The information found within this site will:

1) Provide answers to the commonly-asked questions regarding colon health diseases like cancer, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, spastic colon, Crohns disease, twisted colon, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Within this site you will find vast information, as well as digestive system pictures and colon cancer pictures. You will also learn about various and effective colon tests.

--Are you concerned about cancer of the colon? What are the common symptoms? Is there anything you can do to avoid it? And what can be done if you have been diagnosed with it?

--Perhaps you're concerned about diverticulosis? Do you know the difference between diverticulitis and diverticulosis? More importantly, do you know how to avoid or correct both?

--What does it mean to have a healthy digestive system?

2) Help you learn to ask your family practitioner the right questions, the questions that will lead to the appropriate treatment and/or a referral to a colon cancer or digestive tract health professional.

3) Help you live a long and healthy life, free of colon cancer, diverticulitis, diverticulosis and other digestive tract diseases by proactively avoiding the triggers that cause these diseases. Learn the benefits of healing versus the limitations of a cure.


The colon is the easiest breeding ground for microorganisms, some of which may be harmful. (A nationwide survey reveals that one in every six people has negative micro-organisms living somewhere in the body.) The latest estimates show that over 90% of disease in America is related in some way to an unhealthy colon. Headaches, skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, and joint distress can be linked to a congested colon. Colon and bowel problems are a big factor in early aging, too. When waste backs up, it becomes toxic, and then releases the toxins into the bloodstream. Other elimination organs become overburdened in their detoxification duties, and it's easy to see why health problems begin.

Real healing takes place at the deepest levels of your body, your cells. All cells are fed by your blood. The nutrients that reach your blood get there by the way of the colon. Whether you are concerned about cancer of the colon or any of the other serious digestive system disorders, don't minimize the importance of your colon.

Follow the links below and you will be able to access relevant statistics, as well as the greatest risk factors that contribute to these diseases. You will be introduced to alternative treatments, healthy prevention, as well as emotional support you need to make it through some of life's biggest challenges.

This site is not meant to replace the need for professional medical advice. The Colon Cancer Digestion Health Zone provides facts about common colon and digestive ailments, like cancer, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, Barretts Disease, Whipples Disease, Crohns disease, twisted colon, etc. and encourages you to take action.

Digestive System and Colon Diseases
Identification of Digestive System and Colon Diseases
Digestive System and Colon Diseases List
Identification of most of the Digestive System and Colon Disease and how to receive healing.
What is Diverticulitis?
Contains diverticulitis information, including digestive system diagrams, intestine pictures, prevention and treament.
How Serious is Diverticulitis Disease?
Diverticulitis disease is serious. It may be preventable. Learn what to do if you have it.
Diet Diverticulitis! What diet should I follow when I have diverticulitis?
Diet Diverticulitis! Learn about a diet for diverticulitis.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What to do about it?
Dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Learn what you can and should do when you have it.
Diet for Diverticulosis and other digestive disorders.
Suggestions for healthy eating when concerned about digestion. Think Diet for Diverticulosis.
Popular Diet Myth. There are several. See the Top 7 discussed here.
You probably know at least 1 Diet Myth. There are more you probably are unaware of too. See the list.
Diet for Diverticulosis: Learn about digestion system disorders.
Contains valuable information regarding eating at home and eating out when you have a digestion system disorder. Find out what is included in a reasonable diet for diverticulosis.
Calculate Your BMI
Calculate your BMI to determine your health risks. Learn why knowing your Boddy Mass Index number can help you. Discover the connection to colon diseases like diverticulitis and diverticulosis.
The Relationship between Colon Cancer and Obesity.
Women and men get Colon Cancer. It's the second leading cause of cancer death. This year, 134,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 55,000 will die. Can you prevent it?
Cancer prevention: Published dietary guidelines by National Cancer Institute?
The National Cancer Institute published dietary guidelines for the public. Learn how they are designed to help with cancer prevention.
Katie Couric and her Speech to Congress on Colon Cancer Testing.
Katie Couric is very passionate about people being tested for colon cancer in an attempt to prevent colon cancer deaths. Read her testimony to Congress.
A Twisted Colon is a digestion system problem that requires serious attention.
Contains latest information regarding a twisted colon, along with strategies to address the symptoms and resolve the problem.
What Parasites are in your Digestive System? What can be done about them?
Learn about the parasites in your digestive system and take action to remove them.
What are Colon Cleaners? Learn about the parasites living in your colon.
It is important to use Colon Cleaners to remove the dangerous parasites living in your colon. It can be done effectively. Learn how.
Benefits of a High Fiber Diet
Describes the benefits of a high fiber diet. Dispells the myths about fiber. Answers questions regarding fiber and colon diseases.
What is Whipples Disease and why is it confused with other digestive disorders?
What is the difference between Whipples Disease and other Colon Diseases?
Colon Cancer: What does the Sun have to do with it?
What effect could the Sun have on Breast or Colon Cancer?
Diet for Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis and other Colon Diseases
Two-week Eating Challenge. See how YOU do! Learn the Do's and Don'ts for healthy eating. Learn to deal with and diet for diverticulitis, diverticulosis and Digestion and Colon Diseases.
A New Years Resolution can be made all year. Make one today!
Everyone has made a New Years Resolution. And everyone has broken one. Why not make yourself a promise that you need to keep... a promise of Good Health!
Benefitting from a Health Profile
Get the benefits of completing a Health Profile. Learn about what you don't know.
View Digestive System Pictures & Read about Digestive System Disorders.
Identifies outstanding reference material, including digestive system pictures to learn to treat and prevent digestive system disorders, such as colon cancer, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome.
Contribute to Colon Cancer
Would you like to share your knowledge about colon cancer? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.