Diet for Diverticulosis and other Digestion System Disorders

Eating Italian

If you are on a diet for diverticulosis or any other colon disease, can you eat Italian food? Of course you can! When eating out at your favorite Italian Ristorante, consider the following:

Watch out for rich starters such as breaded or garlic mushrooms, or garlic bread, especially with added cheese. Bruschetta is brushed with olive oil with tomatoes and basil added. This would be a healthier choice, especially if you ask them to go easy on the oil. Minestrone soup would be a filling choice, particularly if there is a vegetarian type which will not have ham added. That would be great for your diet for diverticulosis. Seafood dishes, such as prawns and calamari, are acceptable but only it they are not deep fried or don't come with a rich dressing. Ask for the dressing to be left off and perhaps ask for some lemon juice to add instead.

The antipasti platter may be a good choice for your diverticulosis diet, depending upon how it is prepared. Avoid the vegetables which have been marinated in oil. Salads are also a good choice but ask for the dressing to be served separately. For the main course, keep to lean meats such as grilled meats or oven baked fish. Chicken dishes will be lower in fat if not served with a creamy sauce. Veal is often served in Italian restaurants and is also low in fat.

Can pizza be included in your diet for divertulosis? Well, if you order pizza, try to have it with extra salad, and consider sharing one pizza between two people. Choose toppings with extra vegetables, such as mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn or pineapple, and avoid extra cheese toppings, pepperoni, or other sausage products. If you order pasta, tomato sauces are preferable to cream-based ones. Dishes such as lasagna and cannelloni may be especially high in fat because of the rich meat and cheese combination. To make a pizza or pasta dish more nutritionally balanced, and suitable for a diet for diverticulosis, don’t forget to order a side salad, but take care with dressings, even if these are olive oil based.

What does all of this mean to you and your diet for diverticulosis?


Diet For Diverticulosis

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