Happy New Years!!!!!
Your New Years Resolution:
Good Health!

This one is for You!

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution? You probably have. And, you probably have not kept it. Some of you have strong wills and have been successful with keeping your resolution. You are unfortunately in the minority. Most do not. Some have quit smoking, lost weight, stopped drinking, or started and kept exercising. Unfortunately, very few of us ever keep our resolutions past February. Some of us break our resolution on January 1st, believe it or not. Why do you think that is? Really think about this.

Let's take a look at resolutions and why or why not we keep them. First of all, the dictionary defines resolution as:

1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.

2. A resolving to do something.

3. A course of action determined or decided on.

Wow! Making a New Years Resolution is making a big commitment, but to whom. ITS A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF! Why then is it so hard to keep year after year. Maybe we are resolve to do something that deep down is not that important to us. Maybe we aren't strong enough to follow through. Maybe we need assistance and are afraid to ask or don't know where to get help.

Maybe, we need to do our New Years Resolution more than once a year. Ever think about that? Try this. Why not make your News Year Resolution every day. Tell yourself what ever your New Years Resolution is every day. Make it a personal promise that you must keep. That constant reminder will make you strong. It will be the help you need. And you will be getting that reminder every day.

Sometimes we need some additional help in the way of inspirational reading, supplementation, or equipment. But all the reading, eating, or equipment won't keep your promise to yourself. Only you can do that. And you are worth it. This one is for You!


1) Water consumption from a pure source. One-half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. (For example: 150 pounds = 35 ounces of water minimum)

2) Regular aerobic and strength training exercise. Five times weekly. One-half hour minimum. You really should mix aerobic with strength training to lose weight and improve conditioning.

3) Consume whole food versus processed food. Make your own breakfast / lunch / dinner. Eat out less. (This will save you money too!)

4) Consume whole food supplements. Focus on detoxification of the liver, kidneys and colon.

5) Clean up any emotional relationship issue you have with anyone. It is amazing how many people have physical manifestations because of emotional baggage.

6) Consider getting a massage monthly. Massages are great for relaxation, stress relief, and improved blood circulation.

7) Be checked for parasites. Do you grind your teeth? It is the #1 symptom of parasite infestation. That probably surprises you. To learn more about parasites, go to Parasites Information.

If you know or suspect you have parasites, check out information on effective colon cleaners at: Colon Cleaners Information.



Improving your health should definitely be part of your New Years Resolution. If you want to be around next year to make another resolution, you will want to improve your health. If you want to improve your health, start with quality nutritionals. These nutritional are science-based, and are also known as nutraceuticals. See what the 100-year old Rexall company has to offer in nutraceuticals. People have trusted the Rexall name for more than a century You can too! Rexall is brought to you via the web and Unicity. Check them out and keep that News Year Resolution to get and stay healthy.


Do you have a New Years Resolution to lose weight? Don't lose weight. Give it away! If you're looking for a longer-term approach to managing your weight, consider Lean Controlâ„¢. This system helps you reach your weight loss goals. Your New Years Resolution is important because its about you and your overall health. Get help with Lean Controlâ„¢.


If you smoke, please make quitting one of your most important New Years Resolution. Its good for you and everyone around you. It's worth your life!


Is exercising part of your plan? Start exercising if you are not doing so now. If have not exercised in a while or know you can't start running 100 miles an hour on a tread mill today, then the recommendation is to start out at a reasonable pace. Make sure you talk to your physician before starting any strenuous exercise program. You know your own body. You know what you have or have not been doing physically for the last year (or 2, or 5, or 10). Don't pull a muscle on day one of your exercise regimen, putting a stop to your progress before you really get started. You certainly don't want the exercising to kill you. Start with walking. Studies show walking 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes will benefit your health.


Research shows that your smile says a lot. It may be able to tell you a lot about a person, especially about their personality. But did you know that scientific research has learned that the mouth can show signs that point to serious medical challenges. Some think it's related to the bacteria in our mouth, or the gum disease. Let your Dentist check it out for you, before something serious happens. Make part of your New Years Resolution to take care of your teeth and gums. If you ignore your teeth, they may just go away.

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If your New Years Resolution involves other health challenges, go here to Get Help Keeping Your Health-Related New Years Resolution!


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