Which Parasites are in Your Digestive System?

Do you have parasites in your digestive system?

Research shows that the there is a really good chance that you do have parasites inside of you right now. So, the real question is not if you have them, but to what degree do you have them and are they negatively affecting your health? You deserve to feel better! Read the list below and then answer the question at the bottom of the list. Your answer to this question will probably be different if you were to answer it now versus waiting until you have read the list. So read the list first.

Don't cheat and go below before reading the list. Read the list first.

Here is a list of the Names and Descriptions of the 12 Most Common Parasites that you can eliminate from your body using colon cleaners:

Tapeworms: - fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and pork tapeworm. Obtained from eating raw or undercooked, infected meat. Adult worms can reach a length of more than 15 feet. Pork tapeworms can enter the brain and cause seizures. Fish tapeworms can produce over one million eggs per day. It can grow up to 33 feet in length. This worm is wide and one half to one inch long, and is usually white/gray in color.

White worms: They come in all sizes from tiny pin-worms to those that look like spaghetti or angel hair pasta.

Red worms: These look just like earthworms. They exude from the colon wrapped in balls. They reach up to 6 inches in length.

Inch worms: These are thick (pencil size), black and bumpy and about 2 inches long.

Black worms: These are 1 - 12 inches in length and leave the colon wrapped in "yellow acid water" mixed together. They nest deep, impacted in the colon wall.

Pin-worms: Tiny parasites that wiggle out about 3/4" long and thicker than white worms.

Hookworms: Curved about 6" long, and grayish. Infestation is as high as 50% worldwide. Hookworms grip the intestinal wall and suck blood.

"Little Fish": About 1/2" long, these are fish-type parasites with heads and tails, and they swim out of the colon in schools.

Thread-worms: Cream-colored parasites as thin as a thread. They often come out by the hundreds.

"Fuzz Balls": Round parasites with fur-like growth on them. About 1/4-3/4" in diameter, yellow in color.

"Spiders": Look like a spider and are colored brown, often 1" long.

"Stickpin Worms": One inch long and a head like a pea, perfectly round. Small ones are white, adults are black.

So here is the question:

Now that you are aware of the parasites in your digestive system, what are you going to do about them before they really negatively affect your health any more?

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The colon, or large intestine, is the terminal portion of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The colon receives the thoroughly mixed and digested remains of food from the upper portions of the GI tract. Remaining nutrients, primarily in the form of indigestible fiber, is acted upon by intestinal bacteria. These bacteria produce various vitamins, such as vitamin K and biotin, that are absorbed into the blood. In addition, the colon also absorbs significant amounts of water and electrolytes from the digested food before it is eliminated.

Colon health relies on two factors: 1) the health and viability of intestinal bacteria and 2) constant motility to move the contents along the colon. Dietary fiber helps stimulate bacterial fermentation as well as motility. Lack of motility in the colon slows the transit time of digested materials. This leads to an increase in the amount of water reabsorbed and can lead to constipation. Severe cases of constipation can lead to intestinal blockage. On the other hand, greatly increased motility can cause diarrhea, which can lead to severe loss of water and electrolytes.

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